Computer Science Open Educational Resources (OER)

Welcome to the Computer Science Open Educational Resources Portal!

This portal contains a comprehensive collection of links to Computer Science learning and teaching materials made available by institutions, consortia, and individuals under Creative Commons licenses.
Finding information in the CS OER Portal
In addition to keyword search, where the search results can be filtered further by material type, material level, and Computer Science categories, the Portal offers three browsing options for finding relevant CS OER materials from over 8,000 resources. The browsing functionality is supplemented with recommendations for similar courses/resources. Interested users can be informed for newly added courses and resources via RSS feeds and by following us on the social networking sites.
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        Browse by CS Categories        Browse resources by Computer Science categories
        Browse Courses/Resources based on the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculums       Browse resources by topics as recommended by the ACM/IEEE CS Curriculum
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